Full freedom and own resources with your own server

  • Isolated environment – you are not affected by other customers
  • Dedicated resources – all power to you
  • Complete freedom – install and configure the server the way you want

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What is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is your own server where you don't have to share resources with other customers as you do in a regular web hosting account. The server capacity you pay for in the form of eg processor and memory is dedicated only to you. In addition, you have complete freedom to configure your server and install the programs and services you want, as long as our terms and conditions are followed of course.

Memory/RAM 2 GB
Hard drive space 50 GB
CPU 2 cores
Traffic per month 1 000 GB
Dedicated IP address (IPv4)
Dedicated IP address (IPv6)
Screen console
Operating system Ubuntu, Debian
No notice period
Price excluding VAT 280 SEK/mon

Complete freedom

With LoopiaVPS you can configure your server exactly as you want it. You can choose from a large number of Linux distributions, and you are free to install all the software and components you want, as s long as it complies with our terms and conditions.

Screen console and SSH

You're in complete control of your VPS. Use the screen console from within Loopia Customer Zone to manage your VPS just like you were sitting in front of the server, or use SSH.

Your performance only

Unlike a web hosting package, parts of the server's resources are dedicated to you. Hard drive, RAM and CPU are not shared with other customers. That means you're not affected by any traffic spikes or inefficient code with other customers.

SLA = Safety

LoopiaVPS is a premium service with the highest priority. Your VPS is monitored around the clock with automatic alarms to technicians on call. Read the SLA for LoopiaVPS

Dedicated IP addresses

LoopiaVPS includes one IPv4 address and one IPv6. This allows you to for example get your own SSL certificate

Money back guarantee!

Every VPS purchase is protected by our 30 day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with our services you will get your money back. Possible domains and extra services such as Microsoft 365 are not covered by the warranty.

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