Protect your visitors with SSL/TLS

Increase the security of your website's visitors with an SSL/TLS certificate. Get an https address and climb higher on Google as a bonus!

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What is SSL/TLS?

SSL/TLS is short for Secure Socket Layer and is used to encrypt traffic between a website on a web server and a visitor from a browser. In this way, it is impossible for unauthorized persons to intercept the traffic between the website and the visitor = extra safe for visitors to your website.

How does others know that my website is safe with SSL/TLS?

One way is that when a visitor goes to your website, a padlock will be displayed in the browser's address bar that shows that the connection is encrypted and secure.

Which certificate suits you best?

We offer two Premium SSL certificates that are registered and renewed annually or for several years (the more years, the cheaper) and also Let's Encrypt which is included in our hosting packages. If you already have a certificate, you can easily add it within Loopia Customer zone.

Note that the domain name(s) you enable SSL/TLS for must be located in a Loopia account.

Safe and secure website

SSL/TLS certificates are signed, allowing the visitors to confirm your website’s identity by eg clicking the padlock icon in the address field of your browser.

Safer for your website’s visitors

SSL/TLS certificates secure communications between your website and your visitors and ensures that no one can read or modify it.

Shown as secure in Google

Google require an SSL/TLS certificate in order for your website to be shown as safe and secure for users of Google Chrome.

Convert visitors into customers

To have an SSL/TLS certificate demonstrates that you prioritize the safety of your visitors and customers, which increases the chance of them becoming your customers.

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